Aug 16, 2022


It is good to be aware that some of your guests may come from countries where shoes are not worn inside. For example, I come from a Nordic country where we do not wear shoes inside, and when I stayed in a hotel in Spain, I felt uncomfortable putting my feet on the floor where I saw the staff walking in their dirty shoes. Because of that, I felt forced to wear my shoes inside all the time and it totally ruined the experience when having to think about putting my shoes on whenever I got up from bed plus having my feet sweating all the time.

Most people may not care, but I believe there will always be some who do care, and upsetting those people may result in you getting bad reviews.
In many tv-shows, people often seem to be wearing shoes inside and that worries me. Wherever we step with these outdoor shoes, that will be carried to our homes, and eventually to our carpets and beds, etc. Whether it is dog poop, urine from the public toilets, or simple mud, it can not be healthy to live with. Taking off the shoes inside will significantly increase the quality of the indoor air and reduce any possible allergens.

Having a no-shoe policy will also save your floors and carpets more than anything else. All those stones and dirt that come in will damage the floors and quickly wear out the carpets and rugs. From a business perspective, introducing a new policy to your short-term rental can be a smart solution as it saves you a lot of time from repairs and cleaning, and therefore will save you a long penny.
Too often I see cleaners cleaning the hotel rooms with the same shoes on that they wear everywhere else too, even if they would be called "the work shoes". With these shoes, they will walk in the corridors or may take the garbage out. There is no logical way these shoes could be anyhow clean.

Always make sure that the floors are cleaned well - not just up to the common standards of your own country. Also, make sure that none of your workers wear shoes inside while cleaning or delivering something, but either take their shoes off or wear a plastic shoe cover (shown above). This way you will stand out from others in the region and your guests will never be disappointed by the level of cleanliness.

If you find that your guests are unwilling to follow your new policy, try to offer them ready solutions by, for instance, placing a shoe rack and washable or disposable slippers ready at the entrance so that they will surely notice your "message". Washable slippers can be made, just to mention a few, of plastic or cotton.