Jul 22, 2022


How often does something break down or go missing from a short-term rental apartment? It happens to all of us, whether we like it or not. That's why it is smart to prepare for the losses.

One of the most efficient ways to do the inventory is to incorporate it into your cleaning routine. If you are outsourcing the cleaning, try to negotiate a deal with your cleaner company where they would handle the job for you.
While doing routine cleaning, it is handy to have a checklist of all the items (how many spoons, forks, towels, games, etc. you have) and then go one by one through the list. If something is missing, stained, or broken, you can easier handle the problem immediately, or even advise the cleaners to take care of it and charge it from you later.

During the routine checking, make sure that all the dishware and the appliances are clean as well. Immediately after entering the apartment, take all the dishware, load your dishwasher and run a quick program just to make sure that you won't be leaving anything dirty behind you. You'd be surprised by the amount of dirty dishware that the guests have to face, even in the most reputable places.

As many of us tend to have a lot of electric appliances in the rental, make sure to include an equipment check on your to-do list. Turn every appliance on and make sure it works as should. This way you can easily keep note of when and by who something has broken down, and you will be able to charge the right person accordingly.
Taking photos is a crucial part of knowing what is going on on your property. Ask the cleaners to always take photos of the place after cleaning, especially if something needs to be fixed or replaced. This way you will have legit proof of the damage and you will avoid uncomfortable situations.